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I am a french developer based in Paris, France. I work mainly with PHP and Symfony but I also play with Go and JavaScript. I am years old with years of professional full-time work (+3 years of apprenticeship). I'm Tech lead at Mention and working here for almost years now.

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RFJ Closed Presentation & Curriculum Vitae July 2017


Currently I am not looking for any job offer. Nevertheless, you can contact me if you have a rocking side project in connection with my interests.

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"THE COFFEEWARE LICENSE" (Revision 12): P. Gauthier, Ed. wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with it. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a coffee in return.

Table of Contents

RFJ Closed Presentation & Curriculum Vitae July 2017

1.  Skills

I am mainly focused on back-end programming but I am also curious of other technologies.

1.1.  Back-end Programming

For years, I have been working mainly as a back-end developer using PHP and the Symfony framework. I do unit testing using PHPUnit and Mockery.

In the databases side, I work mainly with MySQL, the Doctrine ORM and some Elasticsearch too.

I use Go too in order to build micro-services and short scripts.

1.2.  Front-end Programming

I used to be a full-stack developer some years ago and played with JavaScript, jQuery (who doesn't?), AngularJS (v1), MeteorJS.

I am a big fan of CSS too (debugging random positioning during hours!) and used Bootstrap, Less/Sass.

1.3.  Other Tools

I worked a bit with Kafka, Redis, Vagrant.

I am familiar with social networks API (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

For versioning and collaborative work I use Git and Github.

I use to code with PhpStorm mainly but also with VSCode and Vim sometimes.

RFJ Closed Presentation & Curriculum Vitae July 2017

2.  Professional Experience

I started to work as a developer since 2011.

2.1.  Mention

2015 - now

Almost 2 years at Mention (Paris, 75010) as a Back-end Developer.

I work on the company main product by adding new features and maintaining legacy. Mainly concerned by back-end, Rest API, micro-services using PHP, Symfony, MySQL, Doctrine, Go, Kafka, Redis, Elasticsearch, PHPUnit.

2.2.  Disko


2 months at Disko (Paris, 75020) as a Full-stack Developer.

I maintained web applications using PHP, Symfony, Doctrine, Java.

2.3.  AirTag


3 months at AirTag (Ch√Ętillon, 92320) as a Symfony2 Developer.

I maintained the back-end Rest API using PHP, Symfony, Doctrine, RabbitMQ.

2.4.  Sirom

2011 - 2015

3 years at Sirom (Paris, 75010) in apprenticeship as a Full-stack Web Developer.

I developed custom web platforms with specific back-office needs for companies using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CakePHP and Symfony.

RFJ Closed Presentation & Curriculum Vitae July 2017

3.  Education

From first training in bioinformatics, I then decided to specialize in computer science.

3.1.  Master Degree in Computer Engineering

2011 - 2014

Student in dual apprenticeship system at ITESCIA (Cergy, 95800).

3.2.  Bachelor in Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics

2010 - 2011

Student at Faculty of Sciences of Luminy (Marseille, 13288).

3.3.  Internship in Department of Biomedical Engineering

2010 (3 months)

Trainee at Tuft University, department of biomedical engineering (Boston, USA).

Cell culture and computer processing of experimental results.

3.4.  Technology Degree in Bioinformatics

2008 - 2010

Student at University of Clermont-Auvergne (Aurillac, 15013).

Training in the field of bioinformatics. Ability to develop programs and design systems adapted to biologists through a versatile learning.

RFJ Closed Presentation & Curriculum Vitae July 2017

4.  Side Projects

4.1.  Dice Stats

A software that generate probability distribution from a dice throw. Written in Go. See the Github repository.

4.2.  Icosahedron

Open-source platform designed in order to make life of Role Playing Game players easier. Written in PHP 7 using Symfony2. See the Github repository.

4.3.  FiddleStick

Local JSFiddle easy to use and modulate. Written in Javascript. See the Github repository.

5.  Other Interests

When I don't do code, I do:


I am a big fan of science vulgarization, especially physics, mathematics, biology but also philosophy or economics.

Role playing games

I like spending time with my friends, around a table, playing RPG all day long.


Since a few years I practice airsoft with a team of friends near Paris.

6.  Contact

Email: pierrechanel.gauthier@gmail.com

Github: www.github.com/KmeCnin

Stack Overflow: www.stackoverflow.com/users/2477545/kmecnin

Twitter: www.twitter.com/kmecnin

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kmecnin